Very professional and friendly. Genuinely concerned about your improvement and health issues. I have recommended this to all my friends and family. The only problem for me was the distance I had to travel

– Nathan Davis

Caring, professional, friendly staff. The atmosphere is great. This is my second round with Bryn Medical. They take great care of ya there!!!!

– Priscilla Postell

Pain Free…can we say it again…. PAIN FREE!!!!

For over a year I battled ulna nerve issues in my right hand and arm, yes the one limb I relied on daily. I did what most would do and sought Medical advice. From Bone and Joint appointments, wrist braces, MRI, X-rays, nerve induction test and many dollars later I still continued to try and manage the pain. Then LITERALLY out of the blue I received a text message from Bryn Medical. Since I had used Bryn Medical in the past I knew I had to give them another opportunity to help me heal again. From the beginning I knew it would be a process and one I had to be willing to adhere to a 6-week schedule and not bail after a few visits.

When i arrived for my visits, the staff always welcomed me by name making me feel more than just another patient. The therapists were super friendly and were alway there to assist with exercises. I can’t say enough nice things about the staff.

My 6-week schedule also included daily checkups to see my progress. For my issue, I also received Sarapin trigger point injections, and yes I have to say I was excited when it was time for a shot. 🙂 :-). Shots were very easy to tolerate and definitely complimented the exercises to help relieve a year of painfully stressed out muscles. Dr Bency, Dr John, and Tonia, MA were always so friendly and made shot day something to look forward to… sounds odd I know lol.

Tiara and Kit at the front, Bristy-Office manager, Joseph and Maddie rehab, Dr Bency, Dr John , Dr Nuber, Abby billing , Tonia MA – What a great TEAM!

Thank you ALL for helping my arm and hand become a working limb again. With that I give all a HIGH FIVE!

– Lynn Moore

Always so friendly and welcoming. Maintenance day is a lifesaver!

– Chelsea Moser

They are the kindest, most knowledgeable, and encouraging staff that I have ever worked with on my rehabilitation journey. I am thankful for their countless answers to my questions, their post rehab workout advice, and their genuine interest in seeing me succeed. I can truly say that Bryn Medical Center has changed my life for the better. They will change your life too.

– Clay Fissel

I recently completed my rehab and I am missing not going. The Bryn Medical staff are the best.

– Mark Pollard

Everyone at Bryn Medical is SO nice, helpful, knowledgeable, and talented! Tiara greets everyone by name always. And everyone on the PT floor does, too.

From my VERY FIRST platelet rich plasma injection in my knee I felt total relief!! I have always been very needle phobic and Shannon, Bency, and John are so incredibly skilled I have sailed through EVERY treatment.

AND for years I have only been able to stand and cook for 30 min to an hour before I’m in terrible pain and can’t walk for days! This year for Thanksgiving I spent ALL DAY on my feet in the kitchen with only a little soreness!!!
The next day I was moving with ease and no pain at all.
Montana, Mackayla (sorry on the spelling Mackayla!), Dr Nuber, and Dr DePol encourage, help, push, instruct, and demonstrate the physical therapy exercises and chiropractic adjustments that are TOTALLY responsible for this crazy terrific improvement!

I highly recommend Bryn Medical and the staff ! The atmosphere is relaxed, fun, family, and respect.

– Cindy Austen

My friends at Bryn Medical Center have been a great help and support in regaining my physical and emotional health back.
They helped me regain strength in my legs when no one could tell me exactly what my issue was. They showed me exercises that helped me regain my mobility.
Then after my husband died in July, they were a great support as I attended the maintenance sessions. My first visit in July was a blessing. They put a warm compress on my hurting shoulders. They massaged out several knots in my back. Then they gave me a much needed adjustment. Throughout the entire thing I shed tears I am sure. It was just nice to know that they cared and had my back, in more than one way. They go above and beyond for their patients.
Angeleea Varner

– Angeleea Varner

In the beginning, I was in pain and miserable. My knees both hurt! I couldn’t walk or ride my bike. I started out skeptical about the therapy. I figured anything was better than sitting at home in total discomfort. But then I began to notice less pain and more ability to take a walk or ride my bike! I began to feel more like myself. And through it all the team was supporting me and cheering me on to meet my therapy goals. They knew when to push me just a little and when I was too tired to go on. I will forever be grateful for the kindness and care I received at Bryn Medical. They have given me back my life. Thank you.

– Kimberly Lykes

Fantastic staff

– David McCallie